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Release Date - 2nd December 2013

Below are some sound bites from the album, hope you enjoy them :-

SPELLBOUND – is the second incredible journey into the depths of natures hidden corners. At long last the second Hoggwash album is here, So WHY so long? The happy reason being the main AKP projects SUNCHILD and KARFAGEN have kept gaining momentum so we felt HOGGWASH 2 could happily wait. We would know the right time. This in itself created its own pressure as the debut album also gained in popularity as time passed so it became a major challenge to produce this album, with its own unique sound and atmosphere which is so different from both KARFAGEN & SUNCHILD something very special that will be 100% HOGGWASH continuing the mood and storyline of its predecessor THE LAST HORIZON.

SPELLBOUND is a collaboration in every aspect it is 50/50, as it should be, and there is almost a seamless coming together at times between us making the whole stronger than either of us.

SPELLBOUND this time good friends have helped with the mastering process. Bringing some vintage analogue “tape” colour to the sound. Moving on to the tracks it is simply an album of songs and music that mattered to us both, centred on the continuing troubles that our character was plagued with originally as he travels through his life. The album is NO holds barred, as it is not trying to conform musically to any form of rock, it is honest and that you the listener will trust us that we both want the same end result, an album that you can enjoy on all sorts of musical levels.

Hope you the album as much as we did whilst creating it!

Keep Rocking

Will & Antony