Our first album, the dream of decades, a year in the making, finally released on CD October 2007 

HOGGWASH - The Last Horizon

Reviews :

Hoggwash. What can you say about the name? - John Mattern  Read Review

Once in a while, you come across an album, that..when the first tones hit you, you realise ”this is gold”!! - Tlarz  Read Review

Quite whether it was by luck or good judgment that I discovered this release, I’m not sure but needless to say, I’m damned pleased I did. - Rock Of Ages Read Review

This is a very special musical project - erik neuteboom  Read Review

I find this work and its mastermind highly commendable and recommend it strongly - Bob Briggs  Read Review

The music and the lyrics to this new release have been with me for many years now. - Progleo  Read Review

Track Listing :.

1. Out of the darkness (15:30)

2. Reflections of life (6:00)

3. Under a rainbow sky  (6:10)

4. Road of many challenges (10:05)

5. Like a miracle (9:02)

6. Watching the sun go down (6:10)

7. Another Friday night (9:15)

8. The last horizon (4:28)

Total Length 66mins

The Players:

Antony Kalugin : Vocals, Keys, Percussion & Programming

Roman Philonenko :All Guitars

Artem Kalinin : Drums

Sergey Kovalev : Bayan & Vocals

Lesya Kofanova : Flutes  

Helen Bour : Oboe  

San Zhara : Strings


Additional voices: Will and Jane Mackie, Mark Kalugin, Tam Laird and Richard Nicholson.

All Tracks Written By :

Antony Kalugin & William Mackie, Track 6 Antony, Will & Balon.

Recorded At Kfg Studios, Kharkiv, Ukraine Oct 06 to June 07

Mixed & Mastered By A. Kalugin     

Produced By W. Mackie

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Written By:  

Will Mackie and Antony Kalugin

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